DivanA enchants the audience with tunes from the entire spectrum of genres and regions. Even within this limitless style he distinguishes himself by originality & experimentalism. He doesn’t always simply mix 2 tracks together. His mastery of his extensive DJ set results in unique transitions, live mashups & tribal remixes. The groove can vary from very relaxed to highly energetic; it always grabs your soul and takes you on an unmistakable journey.

DivanA has been playing at clubs, festivals, workshops & raves for over twelve years (previously under his alias Navcore). As resident DJ of Odessa Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Rotterdam, he intuitively tunes in to the crowd and communicates with them in the language of music. Expect an unexpected blend of ethnic rhythms, housey ecstatics, glitchy surprises, bopping breaks, heavy basslines, psychedelic grooves, tribal vibes, jazzy jams, funky flavors, oldschool beats & other styles.


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